It’s been quite a while since I posted on here, so here’s a quick update..

I’ve made some further improvements in the AI, taking more account of ‘outs’ and adding a little more attention to the way the human plays, and to how many chips the girl has left, amongst other things.

But, for the latest players, I’ve tried to make the opponents a bit easier, since the poll I’m running on the main site seems to show that people think the games are too hard!

I think perhaps the answer is for me to rate the opponents, easy, medium and hard and alternate between these when I add new opponents – what do you think, folks? Would that keep everyone happy?

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Long game bug fixed!

After a long battle, I think I finally found and fixed the bug that caused the game to stop dealing cards during very long games (100+ hands).
In the end, it wasn’t any of the things I thought it was, and was related to some code left over from the early tests I’d done on hand evaluation and comparison.
I’m a bit embarrassed about it, tbh, but I’m glad it’s fixed. (I really hope it’s fixed)

Special thanks are due to Ironvein, who was very helpful in providing useful feedback on the problem.

Let me know if this, or any other bugs rear their heads again, though..

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Welcome to to the holdemstripem development blog.
This is gonna be the place to get all the latest news and info on the goings on at, the best free strip poker site on the internet (I think)..

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